Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Good-bye to Sedona and Hello to Mesa and Tempe!

We were excited to be driving to the Mesa/Tempe area today but sad to leave Sedona.  Ken and I feel it is a very special place and there are so many more trails to hike!  Who knows, maybe we will return someday!

The drive today was 128 miles on all major roads, but with lots of steep elevation at the beginning of the drive on Interstate 17.  As we dropped in elevation we got back to Saguaro territory and how I love to see those cacti. They are amazing! 

We also had lots of traffic when we went on the 101 loop around Phoenix but we saw blooming flowers, a welcomed sight, and nice designs on the overpass bridges!

All in all it was a good drive arriving at the Monte Vista Encore Resort just east of Mesa around 11:15.  It is a very nice, large resort with very little availability for RVer's.  Most of their sites are seasonal with park models.  

Our sites are extremely large with level stoned areas for the motorhome and then a double cement pad for the car and outdoor seating.  Set-up went well and by the time we were finished the 4 of us decided (actually it was the women) that we should go to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch because Noela had just gotten a coupon for 38% off your entire party.  Who are we to pass up such an opportunity and it was only good until this Thursday.  So, off we went!

We look for this chain wherever we go!  So good!

After that delicious and very filling lunch (it was healthy except for dessert), we made a stop at Target so Ernie and Noela could get a 4' folding table.  Most of the CG's where we have stayed did not have picnic tables.  Ken and I brought out our 4' table and Ernie didn't realize what they "needed" until he saw how handy it is and so easy to store.  (I think Noela may have seen the "necessity" more than Ernie.) Just hang with us, Ernie so you can learn what you "need! 

From there is was off to the local Costco.  I have been on a mission since we left Albuquerque where I was able to buy Chia Latte Mix at their local Costco.  At home my good friends, Rick and Joyce, have been my suppliers for my morning chia fix.  They can ordered it from Sam's Club where it costs $9.00 for a 2 lb. can.  Here I bought it for $8.99 for 4 lbs. so after trying it and realizing it is exactly the same mix from the same distributor, I wanted to buy more to take home.  Today I found the 1st Costco that carries it since leaving Albuquerque and believe me, I have been searching!  I bought 6 canisters and I am so excited.  That is about a year's supply.  I also called Joyce and I will go back to Costco and get 3 for her.  This has been a special day.

When we got back to the CG Ken cooked a piece of salmon he had gotten from the gentleman who had caught it in Alaska.  He will probably have it tomorrow night for dinner since we are too full from lunch to eat a big dinner tonight!

I worked on my blog and downloaded photos.  So nice to be at a CG where we have good TV reception and internet capabilities.  We packed our lunches for tomorrow, for we are hoping to leave around 8 for a hike about 45 minutes from here.

We had a nice conversation with Dane and Jamie as they were on their way to the Philadelphia Airport where they will fly out of early tomorrow morning (Bria and Cali too) and arrive in Phoenix before lunch with the time change.  So looking forward to seeing all of them.  Dane's Ironman Competition is on Sunday and we will all be there to cheer him on, including Dan and Sue, his parents.  They will be on the same flight tomorrow.

Ernie and Noela came over around 7:15 and we played 5 Crowns which the women won.  We also discussed our plans for tomorrow.  Ken and I want to be back to the CG around 2 so we can shower and then drive to Tempe to the house that Dane and Jamie rented for the week.  It is about 20 miles from our CG. It will be a fun "reunion"!

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