Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Another Driving Day on I-10 Through Texas!

The 4 of us started our travels today at 8 and drove about 260 miles all in Texas on Interstate 10.  So, we drove a little more than 1/4 of the way across Texas! They should reduce the size of Texas - it is just toooo big when trying to get from one border to the other!!! 

A nice "sign" when entering Texas!

Not quite as nice as the other one!

Those are all pecan trees in the foreground and background!

We ate our packed lunches at a rest stop and it was a bit chilly and rather windy!  We arrived at Fort Stockton CG at 3:30 and we were very happy with our choice.  It had large pull through sites and we were beside each other. 

Very attractive metal sculptures on the hillside when nearing
Fort Stockton!

After a quick set-up, the 4 of us took a walk on a trail around the perimeter of the CG.  There were lots of cacti along the path.  Ernie and Ken often seem to find trouble due to their curiosity of how things work.  We saw a large "trap" where they were trying to capture some sort of large animal.  The boys wanted to check out how it worked and it was like a guillotine.  Fortunately when the heavy metal door fell down all of their body parts were out of the way. Thank heaven.  They could have been beheaded or lost some toes.  We have to teach them to look with their eyes, but do NOT touch!

Now they have to concentrate on how to put it back together!

Maybe next time they will only look and not touch!  The owners
are going to wonder what kind of animal reset the trap
(but not the proper way!),

Another road runner metal sculpture at the CG! 
We probably need one of these for our campsite!

Upon our return, we showered and I packed salads for lunch tomorrow while Ken watched the news and did some e-mails.  Then he started dinner while I downloaded photos and worked on the blog.

We played Racko with Ernie and Noela tonight and the women finally won! Hallelujah!  Tomorrow we are leaving around 7:30 for about a 300 mile drive to Bourne, TX where we will enjoying having a Thanksgiving dinner together! Then we go our separate ways on Friday morning.  It has been a wonderful time with special friends.

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  1. Dim or dimmer said maybe if they made Texas into three or four states, maybe you could get to Florida faster because it wold be so much shorter. 😉