Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We Get to See Part of our Family - Yeah!

Wednesday morning I called my sister, Cindy, to sing Happy Birthday.  I won't tell you her age, but she is now eligible for a Free National Park Pass!

The 4 of left at 8 in Ernie and Noela's truck to go to Pinnacle Peak Trail near Scottsdale, about an hour drive.  Ken and I had done the trail with Jean and Dave Hosler in 2008 and we had really enjoyed it, so decided we should try it again and share the experience with Ernie and Noela.  It is about a 4 mile trail out and back with lots of "up and down".  A great trail for seeing saguaros and HUGE homes!  We enjoyed it and felt invigorated when we were done. I believe Ken and I are in better shape for hiking now than we were in 2008.

Just one of the many sprawling homes!

A whole community of huge homes with a golf course
in the middle of the area!

This saguaro has seen better days.  It is interesting how the
center of a saguaro is wooden.  We have seen lamp bases
and some furniture made from this wood!

This hike did not have as much elevation as many of the
ones we have done on this trip!

Many saguaros on the hillside!

Interesting facts - I find it amazing that they only grow
to 2" in the 1st 7 years and about 3 feet tall when
30 years old.  It takes between 60 and 100 years to get "arms"!

This home had an infinity pool!

We finally reached the end of the trail.  Now it was picture time
before the trip back to the truck!

Many of the saguaros were very tall!

When we had just about completed the trail, Ernie decided to pick up a small piece of cactus lying along the trail.  Of course, he got "pricked" and had a sharp "spike" in his finger and when he went to shake it off, the whole cactus stuck to his knee.  Oh no, now about 2 dozen "spikes" in his knee.  He was able to carefully remove all but 2.  That required borrowing a tweezers from the lady in the information center to complete the "removal".  This is not a 1st time for Ernie - he must be a slow learner!!!  

Ernie, what are you doing????

Now we have a problem!

Keys didn't work, so Ernie pulled them out 1 at a time being
careful not to get jabbed!  It is amazing how quickly they
get embedded in the skinS!

We ate our lunches at the base of the trail and then headed back to the CG. Ken and I left the CG at 2:30 and drove 30 minutes to the house that Jamie's family and Sue and Dan had rented in Tempe while here for the Ironman.  So good to see all of them.  We spent the afternoon sitting by the pool watching Bria and Cali swim.   Dane, Jamie, Sue and Dan had decided to grill chicken and have salad for dinner instead of going out to eat.  So nice of them.  It was a nice time of fellowship!

Diving Bria!

Wild Cali!

A full twist!

Little twinkling lights came on in the pool area.  So pretty!

We were back to the CG by 9 after enjoying time with family!.

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