Monday, November 28, 2016

A Work Day! What is that About!!!!

We spent the early part of this morning packing up a few items before heading to the Cafe here at Lazydays for our "free" breakfast.  When you stay at their CG, you get a complimentary breakfast and lunch each day you are camping. You have choices and usually they are very good!  We enjoy it. 

On the way back to Waldo, we took a few minutes to tour a few new motorhomes to see what changes have been made for 2017.  It was fun, but we like what we have.  Ken thought he would like to have an RV with no slides, since no matter what we buy it is always the slides that give us a problem!  I told him I hope he has fun camping because this gal isn't living in something that small!!!

I did another load of laundry while Ken started defrosting the refrigerator.  By the end of today, Waldo was house cleaned inside and out and the CRV was loaded with all the things we need to take home.  We also put food items that could remain in Waldo into a plastic tub so it would all be sealed against any possible bug issues.  It amazed us how long it took to get all of this accomplished with both of us working together.

We did go back to the cafe for our free lunch and you always have the choice of soup and a salad.  So, you can have a healthy lunch if that is your choice!  We also were able to meet with our service tech, Samantha, after lunch and she did a great job going over our current issues with Waldo and making sure they were aware of what needed to be done till we return sometime near Jan. 1.  She and a serviceman actually came over to Waldo to check out some of the issues.  We feel confident that the needed repairs will be taken care of!  

We ate salads and finished last minute clean-up so we could relax a bit this evening.  It has been a really busy day.

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