Friday, November 25, 2016

Loooong Driving Day!

Ken and I were up at 5:45 after a restless night's sleep.  We got ready to leave and gave hugs and said our good-byes to Ernie and Noela.  No tears were shed because we see them for 3 months in Florida starting the beginning of the year when we will all be staying in Harbor Lakes Encore CG near Port Charlotte.  We appreciated that they got up in time to see us off!

We left the CG at 6:15 and began our long drive on Interstate 10 again!  Ernie and Noela pulled out of the CG around 7:30 and we kept in touch throughout the day about traffic conditions, roads, etc.  

Our 1st concern was getting around San Antonio, but that went extremely well and traffic was very manageable considering it was Black Friday. 

Another one of those Top Golf franchises near San Antonio.  We
had fun with Jamie, Dane, Bria, Cali, Sue and Dan at one of
them in Scottsdale.  You eat there and then take turns hitting
golf balls from your private "cubicle"!

Next we passed by Houston which was busy with lots of lanes of traffic, but manageable!

I wonder which road we should take??????

Part of the skyline of Houston... 
,,,,,and some more!!  Yes, those are a few raindrops on Waldo's

This huge oil refinery was on the outskirts of Houston!

We drove 340 miles before leaving Texas and crossing the border into Louisiana. I didn't think we would ever get out of there! 


Once arriving in Louisiana, we started trying to determine where we wanted to spend the night and how much farther we wanted to drive.  After looking up locations of campgrounds and checking their reviews, we decided to go to Livingston, LA and called to make a reservations at Lakeside RV Park. 

A large casino area.

Looks like a huge sailing club!  Reminds me of going over
the bridge at Sanibel Island in Florida!

Lots of cypress knees that are very special for wood carvers!

This is the skyline of Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

We arrived at the CG at 5 after stopping for gas 2X's (we will have a full tank when we start driving tomorrow morning) and having lunch at a Subway.  All in all it was a very good driving day but Ken had driven 525 miles in 10 3/4 hours. That is a lot of concentration and defensive driving!  What a guy!!!!

It is a beautiful CG with the sites surrounding a large lake.  All sites have concrete pads and we got a large, pull through one and were able to keep the CRV "hitched".  After a very quick set-up we took a short walk around the CG, had dinner (salads), showered, and I worked on the blog while Ken posted on Facebook.  We are going to bed early and plan to do another long day of driving tomorrow.  You know how it can go with "the best laid plans".  We shall see how traffic is this weekend following Thanksgiving!  It could be crazy!!!!

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