Monday, November 21, 2016

A Day to Rest, See the Kids, and Get Ready to Leave Mesa!

I did a boo-boo this morning.  At 6:45 I heard what I thought was the garbage truck on our street in the CG.  I thought Ken was awake, so I said to him, "I think they are picking up trash".  Little did I know he was sleeping.  He quickly got up to put out the large trash can provided by the CG.  Unfortunately it wasn't the trash, but the recyclables.  Of course, he couldn't go back to sleep but I didn't have a problem!  I really did feel badly, because both of us were tired from all the activity yesterday.

Ken spent time checking out accounts and paying bills while I posted yesterday's blog after putting in the photos. Then I had fun making some cairns from red stones I picked up in Sedona.  Ernie and Noela stopped by and we spent about 1 1/2 hours planning our driving and CG stops until Thanksgiving Day. We made all the reservations too!  So, we are set for the start of our long journey back to PA by way of Tampa, FL.  We will part ways on Friday morning because they do not have to be home for about 1 week after us.  They can take a slower pace!

We talked to Jamie and they invited us to join them for a late lunch at TopGolf, a place that Dane had seen on the Internet and wanted to try.  We met them there at 2:00 and it really was a fun place.  You sit in their climate controlled bays and while you eat and drink their delicious food (we had appetizers) you get to use their drivers, chippers, etc. and hit golf balls out to the grassy area in front of your bay.  It even has sandtraps.  You can also listen to music or watch the TV that is in your area.  All of us had a good time practicing our golf swings and chatting about our week in the Mesa/Tempe area.  It has been a very memorable time. After hugs and kisses, we said our good-byes and Ken and I headed back to the CG stopping at Wal-Mart and for gas.  

Cali had fun hitting golf balls....

.....and so did Bria!

Dane did a great job and didn't appear to be "hurting" from all
of that strenuous exercise yesterday.  

Okay, I decided I should give it a try too.  I didn't do
too badly for a newbie!

Jamie was part of the action too!

We sat on comfy sectional soft while eating and playing!
We returned to the CG at 5:30 and had plenty to do to get ready to leave tomorrow.  Ken checked the tires on the CRV and the Motorhome.  All of the motorhome tires needed a little air because of the changes in elevation over the last several weeks.   Then he loaded the bikes (which we never rode on this trip but they have been on and off the CRV many, many times) and grilled salmon and chicken to have the next several nights when we are making overnight stops. I did the clean-up inside and went through everything in the refrigerator and pantry.  

Ken decided to make salads for our lunches tomorrow while I worked on the blog and downloaded photos.  We were listening to The Voice while we worked.

Ken and I plan to leave the CG around 6:45 tomorrow morning so we can "gas up" Waldo and hook-up the car in the Shopping Area that is next door to the gas station.  We will be ready to "hit the road" with Ernie and Noela following us by 7:15.  We have about 400+ miles to drive tomorrow so we need an early start! We have reservations in Anthony, NM.  We are hoping for an uneventful trip!

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