Thursday, November 17, 2016

Catch Up Day Before Picking Up Bria and Cali for a Sleepover!

Today, Thursday, we had a nice chat with Ernie and Noela regarding our plans for the time we are in this area.  At this point things were a bit uncertain as to how the week would "evolve" with our family so we are just "hanging loose". This is Dane's big event and we want to give them space and help or be a part of things according to their schedule!  Ernie and Noela were very understanding!

So, Ken and I chose to hang around the CG until it was time to pick-up Bria and Cali and bring them to Waldo to stay overnight.  I did wash while Ken paid bills and spent time on the computer trying to find fun things to do with the girls.  

On the way to get the girls we stopped at Costco, Wal-Mart, and a great grocery store, Sprouts, which is only available in the west but hopes to be across the US in the future.  A healthy store with lots of fresh fruits and veggies at such reasonable prices.  A manager said they hope to be in Florida in 2017 - we certainly hope so!

Jamie trimmed Ken's hair and then we left with Bria and Cali and stopped at Riverview Park where the Chicago Cubs have Spring training.  They also have a wonderful playground for older kids with lots of rope climbing features.  The girls loved it.  They were like "spider women"!

Bria loved all the climbing things!

Cali needed a little more reassurance, but then she really
enjoyed it!

Go, Cali!

Ken thought he should join in the fun!

Okay, Ken, be careful.  Your knees aren't as good as they
used to be!

The 3 monkeys!

This was the large climbing tower!

Not an easy climb!

Bria was determined to get to one of the seats!


Then she wanted to go to a higher one!

Success again! 
Cali liked some of the calmer activities!
A unique swing!

As you can see, there were many rope climbing areas!

There was a beautiful sunset when we were leaving the park!

From there we went to Organ Pipe Pizza for not only delicious food but a phenomenal organ player.  The "neon" organ comes up out of the floor with him playing and it changes colors many times.  He also controls the drums, cymbals, horns, etc.  There were even dancing cat puppets.  We all loved it especially when he played songs from Mary Poppins!  Of course on the way back to the CG we had to stop at McDonald's for ice cream.

The organist was amazing with all the added instruments and
even the dancing cats (behind the organ).  The lighting
kept changing colors!

We played a game of Skip-Bo with the girls when we got back to Waldo but by 9:30 we were all tired.  They needed time to adjust to the 2 hour time change. We were all in bed by 10.


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