Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Back Home in Lititz!

Can't believe our 86 day adventure is over!  What an amazing time with so many unbelievable sights and special times with special friends!

Ken had gotten awake at 4:30, did some reading in bed, and then we were both up by 5:15.  We left the Comfort Suites at 6:30 after a nice breakfast in their lobby area. It was dark, a bit foggy, and cloudy.

The drive today on I-95 went extremely well with only a few slow downs in the DC area.  We made some quick stops at several rest areas and had lunch at a Subway near York.  We did get into some heavier rain when we got on I-83, but by the time we stopped at Subway, it was only "misting"!

I did talk to Lanie while we were driving and she is feeling fine today - we are thankful.  Also chatted with Doloris and both she and Fred are doing well too! Jamie called and she stopped by our apartment yesterday and turned on the heat and started our refrigerator - how nice!  Today Jamie and Dane are celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary.  They are a great example of a good marriage and how to work together to be special parents!  Noela called to see how our drive was going and they were eating their lunch on the beach at Jekyll Island after a long bike ride!  They will be heading home to Canada tomorrow morning.

We decided to stop at Costco on the way home to stock up on some groceries - Mother Hubbard's cupboard is bare!  We arrived at our apartment at 2:30 and the unloading and unpacking began.  We also had to do some rearranging of our "storage" places to get everything to "fit"!

I talked to my friends, Jackie and Polly, and it was so nice to chat with them.  I am looking forward to seeing both of them tomorrow or Friday.

We made salads for dinner and then watched the news, while Ken went through our mail that was delivered to Jamie's house while we were gone and I worked on this blog.

I really appreciate everyone who reads my blog and sends me feedback.  It makes it worth all the effort that I put into it.  Right now I am a little "blogged out".  I have done so many posts in the last 86 days that I think I need a rest. I will post during the month of December, but probably not everyday.  Not quite as much happens daily while we are at home versus being on the road!  Of course, maybe that isn't exactly true!  It seems like our calendars are getting very busy for the month of December!  

I think we will be in bed rather early tonight!

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