Friday, November 4, 2016

Goodbye Pahrump and Hello to the Desert Hot Springs Area!

Well, what can I say?  Today is a driving day!  We left the CG at Pahrump by 8 and 4 of us were on our way to the Sky Valley Resort near Desert Hot Springs and Joshua Tree National Part!  It was a 280 mile drive, arriving at the CG around 2:15.  

We did pass some interesting sights along the way and some up and down roadways, but all went well! 

The road looks very straight!

Lots of rock piles as we neared Yucca Valley and many
had painted designs!

We started seeing Joshua Trees, a member of the Yucca family!

They aren't overly attractive, but as Ken says, "It is in
the eye of the beholder"!

More piles of rocks!

This one area about 16 miles from the campground that  had more
wind turbines than I had ever seen in one place!

There were rows and rows of them!

The new CG is another very beautiful place with pools, hot tubs that are filled with water from underground hot springs and ponds with swans!

The sites were a bit tough to get into, tight between the cement patio pad and the utility boxes. but fairly level.  It is a destination place for many RVers who spend the winter here.  Lots of daily activity, a fitness center 2 separate large clubhouse areas, game rooms, pickleball and tennis courts, great Wi-Fi, "tons" of TV channels, etc.  Very impressive!

Looks like we have a beach site with all the sand and a
palm tree!

Not bad views from the CG!

This is the East Clubhouse!

It was 3:30 till we were set-up and definitely time for lunch.  We ate outside but it was very warm - mid 80's.  After doing dishes, the 4 of us walked to the East Community Center to check out the pools - 2 of them and 4 or 5 hot tubs and that is just in the East Side.  They have the same amenities on the west side of the CG!  Ernie and Noela came back to their RV, changed, and headed back to the pool.  Ken and I decided to shower and watch the news.

Tomorrow we will drive to Joshua National Park which we think is about an hour from the CG.  Looking forward to our time here!

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  1. If you get a chance check out the Coachella Nature Reserve at Thousand Palms. We worked there a few years ago. They have some great hikes there.