Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Long Driving Day, but Great Weather!

Ken and I left the CG at 6:30 and drove down the street to a gas station so we could fill up Waldo before leaving for the 1st leg of our trip back East!  It was near a grocery store, so we hooked up the CRV there.  We left the parking lot at 7:10 and Ernie and Noela pulled out of the CG to follow us and we were on our way at exactly the time we had wanted to leave - 7:15.

It was a beautiful, sunny day with a high temperature around 60.  Good weather for traveling.  The drive from Mesa and on the loop around Phoenix went well, with only minor traffic.  Most of today's travels were on Interstate 10 and that proved to be a great road with again, only normal traffic.  We traveled south and then east in Arizona.  

Pecan trees in Arizona!

Love the butte/mountain behind the nut trees!

Then we came upon these beautiful cotton fields!

Lots and lots of cotton!
Don't you just love the fancy designs on the
bridges and overpasses in Arizona and New

Another balancing rock!

Lots of big rocks in this part of Arizona.
Does the one on the right look like a turtle
to you?????

Because we all had to go to the bathroom we stopped at a gas station after about 2 hours and Ernie also filled up his truck with diesel when we had been driving about 2 hours.

We pulled into a rest stop around 11:45 and enjoyed the lunches we had packed.  Back on the road again and we continued heading south through almost the entire state of New Mexico! 

Welcome to New Mexico!

Lots of looooong trains in New Mexico!

This is one of many of these "shelters" for picnic tables
at a rest stop in New Mexico!

A great metal sculpture of a road runner along the highway!

We did stop at a Pilot close to the CG where we both got gas.  We arrived at El Paso West RV Park outside of Anthony, NM around 3:45 after driving 410 miles. We are within 2 miles of the border of Texas so 1st thing tomorrow morning we will have a time change and be in the Lone Star State!

The CG had pull through sites but because of the tightness and closeness of several trees, we had to disconnect the car!  That was a bit disappointing!  But we were set-up rather quickly because we will be leaving 1st thing in the morning and are not going to putting out anything extra inside or outside of Waldo!

The 4 of us did take a walk on a path that was across the street from the CG. Nothing too scenic, but at least we got some exercise after all that driving. After dinner and dishes, we went over to Ernie and Noela's and played a game of Skip-Bo which the men won easily.

By 8:30 we were back in Waldo so I could finish the blog and we could do some "map searching" for our trip east.  Texas certainly is a big state to cross!

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