Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Day Mostly Spent at This Beautiful CG RESORT!

I wanted to begin today's blog showing you some photos of the beautiful campground/Resort where we are currently staying.  It really is special -

Our 2 sites are side by side!

This upgraded site offers an outdoor grill area and a Tiki Hut
with benches and a table!

Looking down our row.  Spacious sites with a great view and
beautiful landscaping!

The upper pool has a waterfall that actually flows to the
lower pool!

This is the lower pool that is heated and there is a hot tub
off to the right!
Ken and I had decided yesterday that we would take the day off from sightseeing, hiking, etc. and do some necessary chores and hopefully find sometime to relax.

We started the day having great phone conversations, 1st with my sister.  John and she are on their way back home hoping to arrive around mid afternoon today! They have been in the southeast since right after labor day in their motorhome, having spent the last 3 weeks at Royal Coachman CG in Nokomis Florida.  We also had a long talk with Jamie and all is well with her, Dane and the girls.  So good to talk to both of them!

After breakfast, I headed to the CG laundry to do 3 large loads of wash. Ken went to get the car washed, buy some groceries at Wal-Mart, and fill the car with gas.  When he returned he made us salads while I finished the wash.  We work so well together!

After grilling for lunch (that way he could put the grill away for tomorrow's departure) he spent the afternoon reading and relaxing while I went to the pool to read and spend time in the hot tub which felt great on my back.

Ernie and Noela joined me at the pool the last 1/2 hour I was there after they had a great time at a nearby animal preserve.  When we returned from the pool Ken was busy outside doing more organization for tomorrow's trip to Desert Hot Springs, about a 260 mile drive.

I had a nice phone conversation with Melissa and they are spending the month of November in Nashville.  Chuck is on crutches from an injury when playing pickleball.  He was not supposed to put any weight on it for three weeks and he returns to the Dr. next week to find out if it has healed.  We certainly hope it will be mended by then and the crutches will be history!  

The 4 of us played 2 games of Skip-Bo which the men won again (it is getting a bit frustrating!)and by 9:00 we called it a day.

Looking forward to the next part of our adventure!

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