Saturday, November 19, 2016

Another Family Day!

Ken and I decided early this morning that instead of going for a hike with Ernie and Noela, we wanted to go to see Bria and Cali do the 1 mile Ironkids run. Ernie and Noela were very understanding! We got to the Ironman area at 9:15 and met the "gang"!

The girls did a great job on the run and we were so glad we went to see them. We also watched Dane do his practice swim.

Just about ready for the Ironkids run!

Lined up and ready to go!

These gals did a great job running the
1 mile kids fun run!  They are now

Watching Dane do his practice swim!

We left Tempe around 11:30 and stopped at Wal-Mart to purchase a small electric teapot.  We also went to 2 local Costcos to buy some more chai for Joyce at home.  The traffic in Tempe and the Mesa area is positively crazy. Also, I have never seen Costco so busy with checkouts backed up forever! 

Back to Waldo for about 3 hours and I spent the time downloading photos and working on the blog.  Ken did clean-up both inside and out because they are predicting some possible rain later tomorrow.

We drove back to Tempe to be with the "kids" from about 5:30 to 8:30.  They were in for a surprise.  Dane had grown a moustache as part of a challenge and decided to keep it for Ironman Arizona.  So earlier in the day, Ken shaved off his beard and arrived with just a moustache to support Dane.  They found it hysterical.  

Jamie can hardly take Dane serious when he speaks
because of his moustache.  I think it makes
Ken look younger!
We sat by the pool chatting and then had a delicious dinner.  Ken and I did the clean-up while they were making signs for Dane's Ironman Race tomorrow!

We were back home by 9 and I did more work on the blog.  This week has been so busy and I have gotten "behind" on many things.  Time with family is much more important!

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