Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from the Big State of Texas!

Well, this was another day of driving on Interstate 10 across Texas.  When will it end???  The 4 of us left the CG at 7:20 and spent all of our driving on famous Interstate 10.  It was a beautiful sunrise just when we got on the highway!  

Here comes the sun!!!

There were some gorgeous rock formation along the way too -

The rock formation along the way was colorful.  Ken looks
serious and he does a fantastic job driving Waldo!

I love these rocks!

Wow!  I can't imagine what it took to build this road!

I think we saw more road kill today than we have ever seen on one road - so many deer!  The speed limit is 80 mph (we can only go around 62 when towing our CRV) so you can only imagine the impact when cars or trucks hit those deer!

I called both our daughters, my mother, and sister to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.  Later in the day Jamie called to say how strange it is not to have us there for our traditional holiday meal.  It is hard to us too.  We always look forward to it, but we were thankful to have the last week with them in Tempe. We also chatted with Bria and Cali!  We are so thankful for family!

We pulled into a rest stop area to enjoy our packed lunches.  It was a gorgeous day with plenty of sunshine but began at 43 degrees.  It was in the 60's when we stopped, but rather windy and a bit cool.  We did have to fill our tanks when we got near the CG and we arrived there at 1:00 after driving 279 miles.  We are now about 540 miles across Texas with about 330 to go before we reach the border of Louisiana.  Tomorrow, Black Friday, should be an interesting day for driving.  We need to go around San Antonio and Houston and we expect traffic to be crazy.  We hope we are wrong and all will go well!  We plan to get an early start!

Set-up went well since the site was level and we didn't have to disconnect the CRV.  The 4 of us left quickly in Ernie's truck to go to HEB, a wonderful grocery store in Texas.  Chuck and Melissa had introduced us to the Texas chain last year and it is a wonderful place to shop.  Unfortunately they closed at 2:00 for Thanksgiving (the right thing to do for their workers) and we had to get what we needed and get out of there!

Upon our return, we showered and started making our Thanksgiving Dinner - turkey, stuffing, gravy, sauteed veggies, cranberry sauce, German Chocolate Cake, and Ice Cream.  Not bad for a camping meal.  The 4 of us enjoyed the warmer weather and ate outside!  We are thankful for special friends!

What a delicious Thanksgiving meal and eating it outdoors
was a new experience!
I did dishes while Ken disconnected the sewer and water.  He will do the electric in the morning.  We went over to Ernie and Noela's to enjoy our dessert which we decided to eat while we played Skip-Bo and Racko.   The women won both games - wow!  That was a change but a great way to end our game playing!  

It is hard to imagine that this is our last night being together on this trip.  It has surely been an exciting and wonderful adventure!   We will say our goodbyes in the morning!

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