Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Another Long Driving Day!

No pictures today!  We were too busy driving!

Ken and I were up at 5:30 and by 6:45 we had Waldo parked at the service area at Lazydays and were on our way back to Lititz.  It was a mild morning (64 degrees) and sunny.  It felt great!  In the afternoon it did get cloudy and we had a few light showers!

We headed up 75 and then onto 301 where we stopped at a Circle K for gas and a breakfast sandwich from Burger King.  Traffic kept moving and the drive went well.

I talked to Noela and they were driving to Brunswick, GA and will camp there until Thursday when they will start the journey back to Canada.  They will be storing their 5th wheel in Brunswick till they return to Florida the beginning of January.  Tomorrow they are planning to do some bike riding on Jekyll Island!

I had a nice conversation with my mother and she and dad are doing well.  They are anxious for us to return home and play some Pinochle!  I also had a long chat with Nancy Savage.  They are on their way to Huntington Beach State Park near Myrtle Beach for the month of December, but they will leave their 5th wheel there and drive back to PA for about 6 days in December before heading on to Florida!  Hopefully we can meet for breakfast or lunch when they are home in December!

I also got a text message from Lanie that she was on the way to the hospital - What????  Turns out she had fallen on Thanksgiving Day when at Bob's sister house in Michigan and bruised her hip and hit her head on the hardwood floor. She appeared to be fine, but when she exercised this morning she got a pounding headache and went to Urgent Care.  They sent her to the hospital for a cat scan and she notified us around 2:45 that everything was fine and they sent her back home.  She is not supposed to exercise for a week!  So glad she is okay!

Rick and Joyce, friends who are in our small group at church, left PA this morning at 4 AM to go to their new home they bought in Venice, FL in October. They are planning to be there until April.  We knew we would pass each other somewhere on I-95, so we kept in touch and at about 1:30 we met at a Wendy's at Exit 119 in South Carolina!  So great to see them.  We gave Joyce the Chai we had bought for her at Costco in Arizona and we just had a great time chatting!  They were driving straight through, hoping to arrive in Venice around 11.  

Ken and I continued on and stopped at a Comfort Suites at Exit 121 at Wilson, NC after driving 675 miles.  The last hour on I-95 was rather slow due to an accident but we arrived at 6 - hallelujah the drive for today was over!

They had a manager's reception with soup, sandwiches, cake and sodas, so that was our dinner.  We watched The Voice and I worked on this blog while Ken did some things on his I-Pad.  Today was Giving Day, so he made some contributions to some organizations that we love to support!

We are looking to get a good night's sleep, eat breakfast here at the hotel, and be on our way around 7.  We have about 380 miles to home and hope to be in Lititz by mid afternoon.  We shall see.

Just a little summary - We drove 6,550 miles in Waldo on this trip and will have about 4,850 miles in the CRV when we get home.  While we were with Ernie and Noela, he drove every other day, so I really don't know how many total miles we drove, but it was a lot.  It was an amazing adventure!

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