Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Still A Way To Go To Feel Good and Normal (Whatever that is!)

When we got up on Tuesday, we felt "okay" but still had very little appetite.  We did have enough energy to get showers and look presentable, but by then it was time for a nap.  

I talked to Mom and Dad and today they were renewing their wedding vows. This year they will be married 68 years - what a milestone!  They are both feeling well, Dad even said he is feeling great - amazing! Jamie called to check on us and see if we were feeling better.  So nice of her to be concerned.  

After a light lunch, Ken sat outside painting frames for my sea glass pictures while I worked inside putting the pictures together.  Ken was having bad stomach cramps today and was barely able to finish the painting.  He went back to bed feeling sick.  We were fairly certain that the antibiotic he was taking was causing the stomach cramps and everything that goes with that!  So, I called the pharmacy and they said that was definitely the problem and there was no way he could take it for 7 more days.  So, I called Urgent Care and they said they would get back to us with a new prescription.

Unfortunately, they never returned a call to us and we decided that was fine because he really didn't want to start on a new drug.  After a light dinner I continued making pictures while watching The Voice and the Presidential speech.  By 10 we were exhausted again and it was lights out!

Today, Wednesday, we awoke feeling better.  Again a shower helped us to feel human!  We decided to take a short walk, but stopped 1st to visit with Ernie and Noela.  When we got back to Wilbur, Ken put a 2nd coat on the frames he painted yesterday and I made more pictures.  I think I have 35 for Saturday's craft show on Pine Island.  

Ken took a nap after his hard work and I continued working.  Did leave a message for Doloris and she text me that she felt awful and was going to go to Urgent Care.  Not a good way to spend their last few days in Florida!

After lunch, Ken took another nap and I sat outside reading and playing a game.   Then I cleaned up all of my craft stuff inside - it has been such a messy place the last 3 days.  Ken hardly recognized the place when he got up.  
We decided to play a game of shuffleboard and even though I didn't feel the best, I "slaughtered" Ken 77 to -7.  Crazy!  I was exhausted when we got back and went right to bed for about 1 1/4 hours.

I sent a message to Doloris and she did go to Urgent Care and got medicine for the flu.  She has a fever and is vomiting.  Hope she gets better quickly because they drive back home on Friday!

Talked to Noela and they had gone to Manesota Beach this afternoon where there was NO red tide - hallelujah!  Hopefully Ken and I will feel well enough tomorrow to do that.  We decided to take it easy tonight and go to bed early. We started out the day feeling a lot better, but as soon as we did much activity, we felt "beat".  It is amazing how many people in our CG have had many of the same symptoms and really felt tired for days.  Ken and I are ready to be done with this!  

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