Friday, August 18, 2017

Thursday - An On the Move Day!

Ken and I went for a 45 minute walk before he left for his 8:30 breakfast with Gary.  It was another nice morning to be outdoors.

While he was gone, I showered and did some clean-up around the apartment.  I also found just a short period of time to work on some cards.  At 10:45 we left for Masonic Village to have lunch with my parents and then play Pinochle.  It was a fun afternoon but the men won 2 of the 3 games.  We were back home around 5:00.  

After enjoying some salads, we changed and met our friends, Dan and Jackie, at the pickleball courts.  It was a bit overcast and just enough breeze to cool us a bit but not affect our games.  Again, it was another fun evening and nice to spend time with them.

We were home around 8:30 and were in bed by 9:15.  Being a year older seems to make me tired more quickly!!!!!!

Today, Friday, we were up at 5:40, a ridiculous time for us retired folks, and Ken drove me to Ephrata to have breakfast with the Curvette Ladies.  He went to McDonald's for coffee and then met his mentor at a local eatery for breakfast. Polly brought me home at 8:30 and I started to do some packing for our camping trip, taking several trips to Wilbur.  I also had a nice phone conversation with my friend, Doloris.  

Ken had gone to Jamie's for a much needed haircut (it had been 2 months and he was rather "shaggy").  He was home by 11:45 and we loaded wood into Wilbur for some upcoming campfires!  After lunch, we continued taking trips to Wilbur.  It was an extremely hot, humid day, rather stifling.  I did 2 loads of wash and worked on this blog.  It was a special day - no place to go from lunch time on - WOW!

We continued preparing for our camping trip, leaving on Sunday!  Ken rested and I made a baby card for my nephew and his wife that had their son, Austin , earlier this week.   I did a little ironing (what is that?) and then after dinner we went for a walk.  We had a bad storm with lots and lots of rain before we ate and we could hardly believe hot hot and humid it was when we left for our walk at 7:15.

We showered when we returned and then Ken cleaned his grill and packed it up for Wilbur!  We were in bed by 9 and are trying to mentally prepare for our Kubb tournament tomorrow!

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