Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cloudy Morning, but Some Sun After 2!

The girls had a good night's sleep after separating instead of all of them sleeping in the same room.  Trying to get 4 gals under 10 to sleep when they are all together in one room proved to be a bit difficult, but we will probably try it again tonight!

We all made breakfast together and the ladies started another 550 piece puzzle. By the time Dane, Jamie, Lanie and the 4 girls left to go to the movies in Ocean City for the 10:10 show, over 2/3 of it was completed.  Ken and I left at the same time for a walk around the nearby communities.  We had planned to drive to the boardwalk at OC to walk, but they were predicting some rain. After our walk, we went to get some needed groceries for the family.

I spent time finishing the puzzle before getting a shower.  I needed to prove to the girls just how "good" I could be at putting a puzzle together when I am not distracted by 2 younger gals who work at such a fast pace!

When they returned, it was lunchtime. The 4 girls did a great job playing together most of the afternoon while Ken and I played some cards with Lanie and Jamie and then all of the adults sat outside just chatting.  

Much to the delight of the girls, the local duck family decided to pay a visit to our deck.  The girls loved feeding them bread which they would take right out of their hands.  Mama duck did not seem the least bit concerned about her "children" getting so close to the girls!

Around 4:00, we headed to the boardwalk in Bethany Beach so the girls could get their feet wet in the ocean (it remained off and on cloudy most of the day). They had all decided to wear their longer dresses, so we had to "tie" them up so they wouldn't get wet.  That didn't work the best for Katelyn.  Her dress was soaked after about a half hour of playing in the water.

Our 1st time on the boardwalk this year!

Samantha asked PawPaw to take her picture!
She knew the pose she wanted!

Bria and Cali!

Long dresses were probably not a good idea, but we didn't
realize they would want to spend so much time in the water!

Katelyn tended to be the most "daring" and then the most

You can see how wet her dress is getting!

Such a grown-up 10 year old!

Happy sisters!

Oh no, Katelyn is really get wet!

The happy cousins with their "tied up" dresses!  Cali and Samantha
didn't realize they had the same dresses until today, so Cali
changed so they could be "twins"!

The bottom of Katelyn's dress is getting
very "heavy"!

Making sure people know that Samantha was here!

We all went to 3 different toy stores at the boardwalk so the girls could pick a gift from the money we had given each of them.  It was a bit of a project, and rightfully so, for them to make just the right choice.  Ken and I enjoyed watching them!

Jamie's family stayed at the boardwalk and had dinner at Mangos.  Ken, Lanie, Samantha, Katelyn, and I went back to the condo to eat the leftovers from our Mexican dinner last evening.

When the others returned, we all went to the playground here at Bayside Lakes and then it was shower time for the girls.  They watched some TV and were in bed by 8:30 with all of them sleeping in the same room, except Katelyn.  She chose to sleep in Lanie's room where there were 2 beds.

Then it was game time for the adults.  Lanie won 5 Crowns with an extremely low score and Ken, Dane, Jamie and I played Uno which the men won, but only at the very end, for we had been winning quite handily most of the game.  

We were all in bed around 11 after a fun filled day!

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