Sunday, August 6, 2017

Such a Fun Day with Family!

Bria and Cali were in our room by 7 to make sure we were ready to begin the day.  We spent sometime in our bed chatting and talking about what we wanted to do today.  It was supposed to be a nice sunny day with high temperatures in the upper 70's and low humidity!

All of us were in the kitchen at the same time getting our breakfast.  Coffee was the talk of the early morning - a different pot and different coffee.  It took some time to get the winning combination.  We had a nice time talking about this past summer's swim team and the upcoming indoor team and possible coaches while PawPaw cleaned up the kitchen.  What can I say?  He loves kitchen duty!!

We all changed and then most of us rode bike to the pickleball courts.  Bria and Dane long boarded.  Dane and Jamie had never played pickleball, so we introduced them to the game and being young, they picked it up quickly and moved so well.  Ken and I also did some hitting with Bria and Cali and they did remarkably well for the 1st time.    We did more riding around the community and then Jamie and the girls had fun at the playground doing an American Ninja Warrior timed course.  It was entertaining especially when Jamie tried to go through the small tunnel - definitely made for kids!!!  But, she gave them a "run for their money"!

On the dock overlooking the bay in  Bayside Lakes where
we are staying!

Bria does a great job long boarding!

It was lunchtime when we returned and then we put on our beach attire and drove to the State Park at the Indian River Inlet.  We had to wait in line and could only find a parking space when someone left.  It took about 25 minutes, but it was worth the wait.  The beach there is great and this year they spent about 1 million dollars to build an open air restaurant on the 2nd floor deck called the Big Chill.  What a nice place.  We spent time in an area where you could play corn hole and had so much fun!

Looking out at Indian River Inlet from
the Big Chill Restaurant!

Their large bar area!

Shade provided by umbrellas and
cabana like coverings!  Amazing place
to watch the sunrise or sunset!

Ken and Dane did go in the water with Bria and Cali, but Jamie and I decided it was just too cold.  I will go in later this week - promised!

We were back to the Condo by 4:30 and I put on my SAS and Ken and I went for a walk.  Everyone showered and changed to go out for dinner.  By the time we left it was 6:45 and there were long waits at most eateries.  So we opted to order in Grotto Pizza.  We ate outside on the deck and as usual, the pizza was delicious.  

The girls were in bed by 8:45 and the rematch of Hand and Foot began.  This was the boys night to win, but it was a much closer match then the night before.  The 4 of us were in bed by 11:30 and Ken and I did some reading. What a fun day!

Looking forward to the arrival of Lanie, Samantha, and Katelyn tomorrow morning.  Bob has opted to not come to the beach this year which is disappointing for all of us!

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