Monday, August 7, 2017

Lanie, Samantha, and Katelyn Arrived!

This morning Ken and I only got out of bed around 7:45.  Bria and Cali were awake early, but they enjoyed watching TV in their room until all of us were up and about!

Storms were predicted to begin during the night, but the sun was shining when we got up.  So, we got dressed, ate breakfast, and headed to the pickleball courts, knowing it was supposed to start raining around 10.  The courts were occupied when we arrived, so Ken and I went back so I could put on my SAS and we went for a 45 minutes walk.  The 4 of them went to the playground for another Ninja Warier obstacle course competition.  At 10:30 it still wasn't raining, but was extremely windy.  We headed back to the pickleball courts (which were occupied) but we waited about 15 minutes till the one group left the courts.  By then it was just starting to drizzle, so we decided to give it a try. Ken and I played one game with Dane and Jamie and then did some hitting with Bria and Cali. 

Dane and Jamie long boarded to the pickleball courts.

It is quite a balancing act!

The rest of our group rode bike!

10 minutes before we returned to our Condo, Lanie and the girls had arrived and were already unloaded.  We helped them unpack and then it was lunchtime. The girls went upstairs to play some games and later watch a movie.  Jamie and Lanie were working on the jigsaw puzzle while Ken and I showered and changed.  

The 4 cousins have so much fun together!

Then we got a warning on our phones of a severe thunderstorm in our area with a possible tornado for the next 1/2 hour.  So, Lanie and Jamie put their heads together and told the little ones they needed to take a break and come to PawPaw and Grandma's bathroom (the safest place in the condo, which they never knew why they had to move) and get their nails painted.  While there, Ken and Dan watched the news.  It was a fun time in the bathroom and the girls never knew why they were there!  Lanie and Jamie were geniuses!  Grandma even got to put the topcoat with glitter on all their nails!

All the ladies were part of the manicure and pedicure
project.  PawPaw was the photographer!

Happy girls, fingers and toes!

It was quite an assembly line!

The girls went back to watching their movie when the warning past.  We were fortunate in this area, because not very far away in Salisbury they had 100 mph winds that overturned cars!

Ken and I started to play a game of Hause with Lanie and Jamie, but before finishing we stopped playing so everyone could either rest, do some messages or phone calls, and I worked on this blog.

The 9 of us left at 5:15 to go to Papa Grande Mexican Restaurant on Route 54 and enjoyed a delicious meal.  We brought enough food home for another night's dinner.  

Dane's Mexican Bowl! 
The girls enjoyed their quesadilla dinners!

On the way back to the Condo it "poured".  Many of the streets in Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island had deep water, some even blocked off.  By the time we got close to "home", there was a beautiful double rainbow.  This picture only shows the one!

I love a good rainbow!!!!!

The little ones watched some TV and the ladies finished the jigsaw puzzle.

Hard at work!

A nice puzzle but not an easy one!

Watching TV in Lanie's room before it was time to
go to their bedroom for the night!

Lanie went to bed around 9 because she had some headaches recently from her concussion back in November.  She is still doing some therapy to help with the recovery process.  The 4 of us played another round of Hand and Foot with the women winning by a large margin.  

What a fun day with our family!

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