Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fun Time at Elk Neck State Park!

After some discussion yesterday and schedule "checking", we decided that Monday would be a great day to drive to Elk Neck State Park in Maryland (about a 1 3/4 hour drive) to try to find some sea glass.  There is one area at the Park where we have been very successful finding numerous beautiful pieces.  So by 7:30 we were on our way.

We made a stop at McDonald's so Ken could get a cup of coffee and then a 2nd stop at WaWa for breakfast sandwiches.  WaWa makes quite a delicious croissant egg, sausage, and cheese one!  Not very healthy, but so tasty!  

We arrived at the Park around 9:20 and I put on my SAS for the walk through the woods to the special beach area.  We were the only car in the parking lot and for most of the day, the only people on the beach.  One couple did anchor their boat and come on shore.  They were sea glass hunters too and said many boaters stop here to look for sea glass too.  Obviously it is a well known area! They need to stay away from our "special" place!

This is a picture of our special beach area!

Another picture from the beach!

Time for a back rest and a snack!

Some beautiful butterflies that were sharing their beach
with us!

It was a beautiful, sunny day that did get rather warm.  We spent about 2 hours searching the beach, stopping occasionally to have a snack and water.  This "hunt" is not a favorite for my back, but I positively love doing it.  The trip was not as successful as other times, but we were still pleased with the glass that we found.  I think many people searched the area on Sunday after the storms and probably found quite a bit - what is that about???? 

Not bad for about a 2 1/2 hour search!

Around 1:30 we decided it was time to depart, so I put my SAS back on and we did the 25 minutes hike back to the car.  We left the park at 2 and made another stop at McDonald's so Ken could have coffee, but I chose a pineapple/mango fruit smoothie - so good!

Enjoying the hike back to the car!

It is a very lovely and peaceful
We both showered when we got home and then he rested while I did some clean-up and played Pop Words (addicted!)

Ken left at 6:10 for Celebrate Recovery and I wasted most of the evening watching TV and you know - playing Pop Words.  This has to stop!

Ken returned at 9:15 and we watched American Ninja Warrior and were in bed by 10.  It was a fun day!

Today, Tuesday, Ken had to leave for 7 AM routine blood test, so I started breakfast till he returned.  We enjoyed eating on the balcony.  It was a gorgeous morning, but you could tell the humidity and hot temperatures were returning. Ken cleaned the inside of the CRV while I got ready to go for a walk.  Again, it was a beautiful morning to walk, but warm by the time we returned (actually hot!).  We both showered and then Ken headed to Costco while I worked on this blog and downloaded photos.

It was time for lunch when Ken returned, so again we ate on our balcony! We decided to prep for dinner so we husked corn and made our salads for the next 2 days.  After cleaning up, Ken worked at his desk while I enjoyed making some greeting cards.  That was the majority of our afternoon.  

After a delicious dinner, I went to play pickleball from 6:30 to 8:15.  John was part of the group.  It was hot and sticky, but we had some very competitive games.  Another shower when I got home.  Ken had gone for a walk and then was on the balcony doing some reading.

I watched America's Got Talent while finishing this blog.  It has been another good day.

I did talk to Cindy today.  She had cataract surgery last Thursday and this time she had one or two stitches.  She is still having trouble  with blurry vision.  
After her last cataract surgery, the blurriness went away after a couple days.  She will probably check in with the surgeon in a day or 2 if it doesn't improve.

Ken got the results from his blood tests already and everything looked great. His Dr. left a message that the results were very good.  Yeah!  Friday morning he is going for a stress test because he has been having some chest discomfort off and on.  Just want to make sure everything is okay!

Tomorrow Ken is a working "boy" at MCC.   

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  1. I love your blog! We love camping & are looking forward to my husband's retirement one of these days also. Life is made for enjoyment!