Thursday, August 10, 2017

Another Gorgeous, Sunny Day at Bethany Beach!

All the girls had a good night's sleep and slept in a bit longer than some of the days.  PawPaw went to the grocery store to get donuts for breakfast.  It was time for a special treat!

It was so quiet when I headed to the kitchen.  Jamie was doing devotions and the 4 little ones were watching TV.  After breakfast we had planned to take a family bike ride, but some of the girls had no interest.  So Bria hit pickleballs in the driveway with PawPaw (did very well), Sam and Katelyn worked on long boarding, and I put on my SAS and Jamie and I went for a 40 minute walk.  So nice to have some alone time with her.  We had some very good discussions and sharing time.

When we returned, some of the group were playing Uno and I joined in.  Jamie starting making lunches and eventually we all got in on the "fun"!  After cleaning up (Ken did most of it) the family got ready to go to the beach.  Lanie had to do some talking with Samantha, because after her tumble with a wave yesterday, she was very tentative about going in the water.  

We were on the beach around noon and it took some time before Sam would get on Lanie's back and go further into the ocean.  Once she did, she had a great time and started diving under the waves. We all had fun in the surf. Everyone came in for a short rest and the girls starting digging a hole in the sand.  Bria and I went to look for shells to decorate around the hole.  I spent some time again in the sand with Katelyn and we did some special sand sculptures around it too!

I was the photographer for these photos, but I did get in and
join the fun!

The girls were busy digging a hole and a "trough" to get the
water to flow into it!

Some of us just enjoyed watching the action!

Bria and Cali are thrilled to ride and dive through the waves!

Little Katelyn isn't the least bit fearful!

Bria is growing up way too quickly!

Lanie and Ken went back in the water with the 4 little ones and Lanie is definitely going to have sore shoulders from lifting Katelyn over the waves.  But, Katelyn did enjoy being on her own near Lanie jumping and trying to swim with the waves.  It is so much fun to see their smiling faces when they are in the ocean.  Lanie probably spent about 2+ hours in the water today!  She is going to be exhausted tonight and may have to go to bed early with the girls!

The girls love when Mommy/Aunt Lanie are in the water
with them.  Lanie is such a trooper!

We were back to the Condo by 3:30, showered, changed, and got ready to go to dinner at the Boathouse right outside of Bethany Beach.  It is a great outdoor place for kids as well as adults!

You have to admit!  This is one good looking family!  We
are blessed!

Ken and I loved our pulled pork sandwich and the seasoned waffle fries.  Not a great choice, but after all, it is our last night eating out on this family vacation - treat time (or was that all week!)

We all drove to the boardwalk at Bethany Beach and Jamie and Lanie attempted to fly kites on the beach without a great deal of success - not enough wind. But, they gave it their all running down the beach with the girls following them.

The girls are running after their mommies and aunts who are
trying to get the kites in the air.  They got them up, but not
for very long!

Jamie and Bria!

Then it was time for to make some memories with family photos, but not before Jamie and her girls had a handstand competition.  It was tough to name a winner, but I believe it was mommy!!!

Looks like a tie to me!!!


These are 4 special young ladies!

Ken and I were so thrilled to spend an entire week with
our special granddaughters!

Jamie, Dane, Cali and Bria!

Lanie, Samantha and Katelyn! 
Jamie always like to be in on the action!

After our time on the beach, we had our dessert - ice cream!  By 8 we were back to the condo and by 8:30 the girls were in bed.  They were exhausted from their 3 1/2 hours at the beach today and most of the time spent in the water. The adults played 5 Crowns (I won!) and then an abbreviated game of Uno.  We were all tired and were in bed around 10.

Another great day!

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