Thursday, August 3, 2017

Busy, but Nice Days!

Wednesday Ken was up before me, but we made breakfast together and he was on his way to "work" by 7:45.  I enjoyed my chai on the balcony while reading the paper - Life is Tough!!!!

I had a nice phone conversation with Noela up in Canada and then with a Scoliosis friend, Diane Weaver.  We were comparing "notes" on our SAS an what has been going on since we purchased the suit.  Both of us are not certain what we should be expecting and in what time frame, but still experience quite a bit of pain especially when walking.  I feel like I need to be more faithful with wearing the suit and maybe doing some stretching exercises.  It is probably time to return to Dr. Stitzel to ask some questions.  I will do that when we return from our family vacation.

I got ready for today's activities and when Ken returned around 12:15 I left to pick up my mother and take her to her routine appointment in Lancaster with the Dr. who did her knee replacement surgery many years again.  He said both knees looked great and he only needs to see her if she has a problem - hallelujah! Then we stopped at Michaels Crafts and at Lancaster Optical to get her glasses straightened.  Back to Masonic Village by 5 after stopping to get her something for dinner.  

Ken had dinner ready when I returned - what a guy!  He had spent a lot of the day working at his desk and preparing for his Step Study class.  We took an evening walk and it was a perfect night for it!  To bed by 9:30.

Thursday morning Ken and I met Kathy and Sam at Oregon Dairy for breakfast. We had't been together for quite a while, so we had some "catching up" to do. We have done numerous camping adventures with them over the years and we miss being with them.  We spent 2 hours together and had such a good time.

From there, Ken and I went to Costco to get some food items to take to the beach for our family vacation.  We were home for 1/2 hour, just long enough to eat lunch, and then drove to Masonic Village where we played 5 games of pinochle with Mom and Dad.  The men won 3, or was it 4 of the games.  I'm really not sure!

I headed to AC Moore in Lancaster and again Ken grilled while I was gone.  We had a late dinner and planned to take a walk, but the rain kept us indoors.  It probably was a good thing, because for some unknown reason, my back went "out of wack"!  It got better as the evening progressed, but taking a long walk would have been difficult.

We were in bed by 10, did some reading, and then it was shut eye time!  These 2 days have been rather busy but a lot of fun!

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