Sunday, August 13, 2017

Saturday - The Huge Craft Show in Downtown Lititz!

Ken was up rather early this morning.  I think the Java at Ruby Tuesday last evening was not a wise choice!  He worked on his homework for today's Step Study.  I had a book on my tablet from the library that was going to expire today and only had 3 chapters to read, so I stayed in bed until I finished it - 7:45.

I put in a load of wash and got ready.  We had a light breakfast and then I did a 2nd load of wash before putting on my SAS and the 2 of us walked to the Lititz Annual Craft Show. Stands are set-up in the park and along the streets going for several blocks in many directions. There were hundreds of vendors and probably thousands of buyers.  This show has been going on for many, many years and draws people from everywhere.  It is a bit overwhelming. 

Some of the vendors along the main street!

People, people everywhere.  Where
do they all come from?

This shows just a very small portion of the vendors in the

Looking down Broad Street!  Hope
there isn't an emergency!!!

Ken and I enjoyed walking around and seeing all the creativity, but we didn't buy anything except a funnel cake and Peachy Paterno ice cream from the creamery at Penn State.  So much for beginning our healthier diets today - maybe tomorrow.

We were back home around 12:45 both tired and hot.  They were predicting some rain this afternoon, but it held off until after 4 when the craft show ended.  
I worked on this blog, we both showered, and Ken left a 2:40 for his Step Study.

We left at 5:15 to meet our couples card club at Charcoals in Lancaster for dinner.  We thought the food was very good but you have to enjoy a smoky flavor. Back to Kreiders for card playing.  What a fun evening.  We did miss that Jackie couldn't join us.  She wasn't feeling 100%.

We were home around 11 and went right to bed.

Today, Sunday, was a gorgeous day with low humidity, plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid 80's.  We sat with Jamie's family at church and then Ken and I went out for breakfast at Old Hickory Grill - delicious quesidillas.  

We were back home around noon and I stopped in to visit our neighbor, Ginny, and then had long phone conversations with Cindy and my mother.  At 2:30 I put on my SAS and we walked to the Lititz Park to see the musical group Servant Stage perform the show, Sing, Sing, Swing!  It was very well done and extremely entertaining.  After the show we continued our walk.

A cast member dancing with a gentleman from the
audience before the show!

What an enthusiastic group of performers!

The Bugle Boy of Company B

The Finale - Swing, Swing Swing!

I made salads for dinner, worked on this blog and downloaded photos.  Ken spent time doing homework for his Step Study.  He grilled chicken and salmon and after dinner, I did more work on the blog and then we played Hand and Foot which we played with Jamie and Dane at the beach.  Cindy and John play 2 handed a lot, so we will have to talk to them about how many decks etc. you use when there are only 2 players.  We did have fun and Ken was the winner.

To bed around 9:15 to do some reading.  Looking forward to playing pickleball with John and Cindy tomorrow morning!

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