Friday, August 4, 2017

Getting Ready for Family Vacation!

We were up around 5:30, got ready, put in load of wash, and I left at 6:30 to meet my Curvette ladies for breakfast.  Since I wouldn't see them again until after my birthday, they surprised me with silly cards.  

I was back home by 9:00 and Ken was busy getting somethings ready for vacation.  He left to get Jamie's mail (they are at the beach with Dane's parents this whole week, to Wilbur to pick up some additional items we need for next week, and to Wal-Mart.  Then he went to Lancaster for his stress test!

I spent the morning doing wash, packing, sorting through the sea glass we found on Monday, and working on this blog.  I also recorded our expenses.

Ken was home by 1:00 and he was hungry, as he hadn't eaten since last night and only had water since then.  Luckily starvation did not set in!  Later in the afternoon we got the results of his stress test and a message from his Dr. that all was well.  He passed with flying colors!  That was a relief!

After lunch, we continued preparing for our vacation.  Ken loaded lots of things in the CRV and I did some ironing.  (What is Ironing?)  Then he put the hitch on the car and loaded our bikes! 

After dinner (leftovers and salad), we watched some TV before loading the remaining items in the car.  Some things will just have to wait until tomorrow morning! We were in bed by 9:30 and did some reading and there were thunderstorms during the night!

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