Friday, August 11, 2017

Our Last Family Vacation Day for 2017!

After looking at the weather forecast yesterday, we all decided that we would leave to go home late today instead of waiting until Saturday morning.  Heavy rain was expected in the early morning hours Saturday and none of us were excited to load or drive in heavy rain because we could still make today a fun one!

All the ladies did quite a bit of packing before we all had breakfast.  The little ones, with adult supervision, headed outside to do some long boarding.  They have gotten fairly good at it this week and love it!  I think Samantha and Katelyn will be asking Santa for them for Christmas!  Each member of Jamie's family already have one!  Ken spent time playing pickleball with Bria who is becoming quite a good player. 

Cali does well on the long board, but
she had done it before!

Samantha was determined to do it by
herself and by the end of the week was
doing amazingly well!

The ducks came by for another friendly visit and mama duck was very happy to allow her babies get up close and personally with Cali, Samantha, and Katelyn. They would take the bread out of their hands.  They came back a little later to the back of the condo for more treats!

The girls loved feeding the ducks!

Mama duck felt comfortable letting her babies get close to
the girls!
She brought them back a 2nd time today!

Jamie's family went to play miniature golf, Ken and I took a walk, and Lanie continued to play outdoors with her girls.  Later some of us, including the little ones, played Uno.

After an early lunch, we all went to the beach for our last day of swimming and diving with the waves.  Jamie and I were the only ones who chose not to get in. We both felt it was a bit chilly with the breeze and just weren't brave enough to make the plunge.  Lanie spent a lot of the 2 1/2 hours in the water with the girls.  PawPaw and Dane did their fair too of being in the water, but Lanie definitely won the prize!  The girls had so much fun and were disappointed when it was time to leave.  By 2:30 the waves were continuous and rather strong, so the ocean determined our departing time.

Drying off to get ready to leave after a fun time in the
surf.  Hope to be back here again next year!

Back to shower, finish packing, and then loading the cars.  Everyone left before 4 after a tremendous week of family time and many lasting memories.  Ken and I returned the key and stopped for gas and then ate at Ruby Tuesday's delicious salad bar.  We were home around 8 and in bed by 9:15 after totally unloading and unpacking.

It was a tiring, fun-filled, busy week but we loved every minute of it!  Creating family memories is so special!

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