Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday Already!

Cali and Jamie were up by 5:45 and went for a bike ride after Jamie put in a load of wash!  It was way too early to be so productive!!!!  After doing some work on my blog and getting ready for the morning, Katelyn came to our room to spend time teasing and playing with PawPaw.

We all ate breakfast and then left at 8:30 to go to the center of Bethany Beach for the girls to participate in a America Ninja Warrior course for kids.  It was on the beach and 45 kids participated.  They had a great time for that hour.

A serene early morning beach photo!

45 kids participating in the Ninja Warrior Beach competition!

I don't believe Samantha is overly enthusiastic!

And the fun begins!

The kids were kept very active for an hour!

What a setting for the course!

Next to last event was a tug of war!

Go, Sam!

Go, Bria!

Go, Cali!

Getting set for the final challenge - the run!  You had to start
with your chest on the sand!

Success at a wonderful event for kids!

Mommy was proud!

Their support group!

Dane recognized Mangold, a football player for the NY Jets!

Definitely a big dude!

I spent time at the water's edge with Katelyn and then we took a walk looking for shells.  I had worn my SAS so I got my walk in for today.  Katelyn didn't participate in the Warrior course because some how she got a sore neck when she and PawPaw were playing, which made him feel badly.  But it got better as the day progressed!

It was fun to have some alone time with Katelyn!

We all came back to the Condo and got ready to head to the beach.  We decided to have an early lunch so we didn't have to drag soooo much stuff with us.  We were on the beach at Indian River Inlet around 12:15 and we had such a great time.  The water was relatively calm, the sun and temperature perfect, and the little ones (except for Katelyn) could be in the water by themselves jumping and swimming with the waves.  Sam got tossed about with the waves several times because she didn't want to dive with them and go under the water.  The last 2 years she has had some ear infections and she was afraid that would happen. The last time one "got her" she really got tumbled around and now she appears to be a bit scared.  Hopefully she will feel better about it tomorrow when we return to the beach.  We told her she might as well swim under them, because she ends up being in the water anyway!  

The "troops" are heading to their spot at the beach!

The girls love swimming with, jumping, and diving through
the waves!

Katelyn loves it too but needs Mommy or
an adult to be close by!

Lots of smiling faces and laughter!

PawPaw is such a "sport" and loves being with his girls!

Around 2:30 we went up to the boardwalk area and the girls got some snacks and we played some corn hole.  Back to the beach for more wave jumping and sand playing.

Corn Hole fun at the State Park!

Even Grandma got in on the action!

Dane and Jamie's friend, Adam Leed, and his wife and son
joined us at the beach for the afternoon!

Oh no!  Someone got a mouth full of salt water!

Lanie, Katelyn and Samantha!

Jamie and her girls!

Katelyn loves it too, but she is only 6 and needs an adult to be with her, so I spent time playing with her in the sand and so did her mommy.

Katelyn enjoyed playing in the sand, but
would have loved if her cousins would
have been with her.  They were too
busy enjoying the water!

At 5 we went to the bathhouse to rinse off and change clothes before having dinner at the upper deck restaurant, the Big Chill.  It is a perfect location and the timing was great for us, but the food was only okay!

Enjoying the view from the restaurant!

Our happy family!

As soon as we got back to the Condo we all showered and put on our PJ's.  All of us had an ice cream treat and the girls watched part of a movie before going to bed early.  They were exhausted from their Ninja Warrior training and all of their time in the ocean waves.  They probably spent 4 hours playing in the surf! Bedtime was a bit chaotic mainly because all of the girls were "beyond" tired. There was quite a bit of drama before they all settled down and fell asleep. Hopefully they will have a great night's sleep.

The adults played a game of 5 Crowns with both men having the low scores and then part of a game of Uno before calling it a day around 10:30.  We were all exhausted too!

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