Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saturday - Kubb Tournament Day!

Ken and I were up by 6:30 and packed some snacks and drinks and were on our way to a Kubb Tournament about 1 hour from Lititz at Elverson (very near to Lanie and Bob's house).

Bob, our son-in-law, goes to about 5 major Kubb tournaments annually and his team tied for 5th in the National Tournament in Wisconsin.  He takes it very seriously.  He along with some help from his teammates, decided to host the 1st annual East Coast Kubb Tournament and boy it was a lot of work.  But he did a great job of organizing a great tournament.  There were 20 teams that participated, including Ken and I as team "Over the Hill Gang".  There were 9 different states represented so I questioned why we would even be a part of this event!

Even our granddaughters, Samantha and Katelyn, helped at
the tournament.  They checked in all the teams and then
helped post the scores from each match!

These are the "trophies" and ribbons
for the winning teams!

Samantha's brownie troop had the food
stand, so she was a "worker"!

It was a gorgeous day to be outdoors and we got to be with our family and our good friends, Dan and Jackie, who came to cheer us on and watch how really talented participants play.  (That would not be us!!!!!)  Ken and I really did have a great time and meet many very nice folks.  Amazingly, after playing 7 games, Ken and I played in the Gold Division, which unfortunately for us was all the better players and we tied with 4 other teams for 5th place - crazy!!  A fun time was had by all!  Hats off to Bob and Lanie for a job well done!

There were 10 courts and all teams got to play at least 7 games!
A winner had to be declared after 25 minutes of play and
then right on to the next game!

The Over the Hill Gang!

Bob had purchased 15 stained Kubb sets for the tournament and
decided on the paint "design". (Why not 1 color!) Each set had
 10 Kubbs and a Queen, all painted the same - blue, white stripe, yellow,
 another white stripe and then blue.  It required two coats of
paint for each color.  Quite a job.  Ken and I spent about 5 hours one
Saturday being "painters"! 

These folks shaking hands were an extremely nice couple that
drove from Wisconsin to participate.  Ken and I lost to them, but
we had a lot of fun.  They own a business they founded called
Gorilly Goods, organic natural snacks. Very interesting to chat
with.  They had lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean for several
years paddling in a kayak each day to their workplace!  
By the luck of the draw, this was the 1st team we played and
they beat us handily.  No wonder - they ended up being the winners of
the entire tournament.  No wonder we felt outplayed!   Bob's team was 2nd! 

This was the local cheering section, neighbors of Bob and Lanie
and are friends, Dan and Jackie!

Our daughter, Lanie, chatting with her neighbors!

Our long time and very dear friends, Jackie and Dan.  We
have so much history together!  We appreciated them being
part of this day!

Ken and I left at 3 so he could go to his 4:00 Step Study.  I dropped him off and then went to Wal-Mart to get the needed groceries for our camping adventure with our granddaughters.  Back to get Ken at 5:30 and we headed home totally exhausted.

Now it was time to load more things into Wilbur - refrigerator and freezer food, etc.  After having leftovers for dinner and doing dishes, more loading continued. By 8:30 we were done for the night and so ready to get showers and go to bed.

It was a fun day, but for the Over the Hill Gang it was time for sleep! 

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