Monday, February 14, 2011

About Time to Leave Pine Island!

Yesterday, Sunday, was such a fun day!  We went to Church here in the CG.  About 40 or 50 people attended. 

We had planned to go kayaking in the afternoon, but all of us decided it was too cool and windy.  So, we had lunch eating on the picnic table at our campsite.  Then we headed to the Rec Hall for the ice cream social.  Met some more very interesting and fun people. 

Back to Willie and Barry and Deb came by to play Sorry.  Ken and I hadn't played that since we were kids.  Then we introduced them to LCR and Toss Up.  We enjoyed our time together. 

At 5:00, we went across the street in the CG to Sandy and Ed's.  They had invited us and 2 other couples to happy hour and then for a delicious dinner of salad, garlic bread, and lasagna.  Sandy is a terrific cook and food was so good.  The other couples were Bill and Linda and Fred and Carol.  It was a crazy, fun evening.  So many laughs and stories of adventures.  Around 9:30, 6 of us came over to Willie to check out the interior and get in the warm.  Everyone left around 10:15.  Ken and I decided to go back over to Sandy and Ed's with T towels in hand.  We told them we were part of the dish brigade and here to do the dishes.  More fun!  We appreciated the warm welcome we have received from so many people in this CG.

 We also got new neighbors yesterday and they are very interesting.  They are pulling a horse trailer with a live in part in the front.  They have been on the road for about 13 months.  They used to raise reindeer and they still transport them from place to place where zoos, etc. lease them.  They have taken them to the San Diego Zoo, Bronx Zoo, and also Hershey Park where they lease them over the Christmas Season.  Imagine that!  They also have a "pet" red tail hawk that sits on a perch in the yard beside their trailer.  It is a beautiful bird.

Tomorrow we leave Pine Island and head to the Royal Coachman CG near Venice Beach which is about 1 1/2 hours north of here.  We are rather sad to be leaving and many people are trying to convince us to stay and to come back next year for a longer time.  We shall see!!!!

Today was a gorgeous day.  It was 42 when we got up, but hit about 73 by afternoon.  Fortunately there was only a mild breeze today.  I played an hour of tennis with Mr. Ed from 9 to 10 and I actually won today.  Wow!  Then Ken and I took a 6 mile bike ride to an area where we found some coconuts and palm branches that we could gather and take back to the CG.  As you can see on the photos, it was a challenge to ride bike and transport the large palm branches.  I want to make some more "coconut fish".  We decided to go to lunch at the Mango Mania Cafe to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Ken had his favorite in Florida - grouper and I had the pulled pork.  Delicious!     


Spent the majority of the afternoon slowly packing up for our journey to Venice tomorrow.  Had to put the bikes in cab of the truck since the hitch and bike rack are no longer an option when we are towing Willie.

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