Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pine Island Adventure Continues

Friday was our 1st rain day in Florida.  It was a rather dreary day, so we went to the Fleamaster Market.  Lots of jewelry, t shirts, Avon, gadgets, eating places, sunglasses, etc.  Not very many produce stands.  You have to watch the pricing - many things are not really a bargain! 

Pine Island CG has many activities and Friday evening was no exceptional.  A local country group played in the Rec Hall and were very entertaining.  The CG offered pizzas that were excellent and reasonably priced.

Saturday started out rainy but the sun was out by noon.  The wind was the major problem.  We were supposed to ride the CG's big Red Bus to Ft. Myers Beach from 9 to 3, but we decided it was too cool and windy.  The bus is quite the deal - $2.00 per person for the trip.  Better than paying to park at the beach and pay the toll to cross the bridge at Cape Coral.

Saturday we taught our Canadian friends how to play Kubb.  It is a fun outdoor game that can be played with as few as 2 or up to about 12.  Easy to learn and no great talent needed!  It is a game from Sweden and you can find information about it on the internet.  My father made our game, but it can be purchased online.

Today we plan to go kayaking, but it could be abit windy and cool.  The sun is nice so we are looking forward to a good time.  I think about 10 of us are going.  It would be good if we had a kayak, but they promised to share!!!!

Photos of Pine Island Campground!  Scenic Areas!

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