Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great Day with Great Friends!

Today was a special day for Ken and I.  Our friends, Deb and Barry that we learned to know in Pine Island, came to spend time with us in the Venice area today.  We had so much fun together and the weather was gorgeous! 

We met them at Snook Haven to listen to the Gulf Coast Banjo Society play at 10:30.  Hard to imagine about 30 banjo players coming together every Thursday at this location to practice outdoors for their upcoming concerts.  Hundreds of people come each week to be entertained. 

From there we headed to Sharkys, just south of Venice Beach to have lunch.  Great grouper sandwiches and pulled pork for me.  Enjoyed walking on their pier while we were waiting for our table.  

Then we headed to Caspersen Beach to have them bike ride with us on the Venetian Waterway Trail.  We all like to ride bike and we wanted to share with them this great trail. 

Wanted to share a photo of the newly bearded guys that Deb and I are traveling with.  Don't know if the beards will follow them home - time will tell!

I did 2 earlier posts today that include photos that Barry took - hooking up Willie and beautiful pictures of wildlife here in Florida.  Very worthwhile photos to view!

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