Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Day in Paradise!

Today was another gorgeous day in Pine Island.  Actually had to do some work today - Laundry!  Imagine that!  After 10 days on the road, it was a necessity!  We enjoyed a walk around the park and then Ken went to the Earth and Spirit Gallery to take an outdoor Yoga Class with Deb.  He had taken numerous classes with her last year!  They were happy to reconnect!  After lunch we took our 1st ride on our new bikes - they are very comfortable and ride well!  We rode to St. James City at the end of the island and pedaled around the area.  Enjoyed.  Then I left Ken beat me at a game of 2 handed pinochle (NOT).  Spent 1 1/2 hours sitting by the pool.  Grilled dinner and then went to the clubhouse to enjoy a music group made up of musicians who stay at this park every year.  They are very good and entertaining.  There was actually a wedding here at the CG at 5:00 and the group played for the reception.  The entire park was invited for appetizers, cake, and free beer and champagne.  What a hoot!!!  The drummer in the band is the manager of maintenance for the park and the women who manage the park love dancing and being part of the fun. 

Removing the Garter!

Ken trying to catch the Garter!
Bride said it was for luck since
most of the men were married!

Today was another sunny day with temperatures in the 80's.  What's not to love here in Florida!!!


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