Thursday, February 17, 2011

Better Truck Report Today!

Well, today's news regarding the truck was better than yesterday!  We drove it to a diesel repair place near Sarasota early this morning.  They spent 2 hours checking it while we took a walk in the area.  Around noon they told us the good news.  It needs a part that they can order and install in 20 minutes.  They should have it by the middle of next week and the truck is safe to drive in the meantime.  Yes!!  We just hope their "fix" solves the problem.  The last 24 hours have been abit unnerving!!!

Today was a beautiful day in Venice.  After we returned and had lunch, we headed to Nokomis Beach to relax and read on the beach.  It was about 75 degrees and no clouds.  Nokomis Beach is such a quiet, gorgeous area.

Hopefully the next several days will be uneventful.  We are planning to ride our bikes into Venice tomorrow on the Rail to Trails that has access about 3/4 mile from the CG.  We are anxious to finally get to downtown Venice and then to Caspersen Beach.

No pictures today.  I guess we were too busy!!!!  Imagine that!!!!

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