Saturday, February 12, 2011

RV-Dreams Rally

For 5 years I have been following the experiences of a couple as they travel this great country and their every day life.  Their website is and under the journal link they share their adventures.  Several years ago they started holding a rally annually that would teach others about the rv lifestyle.  They have not been held in a convenient location or at a convenient time for us until now.  Howard and Linda  just announced they are having a second rally this year and it is being held at the Thousand Trails Preserve in Hershey, PA, September 11 to the 15th.  We signed up for the rally, reserved our campsite, and are very excited.  Bonnie and I find that the time we spend rving/camping with our friends, seeing new places, and meeting new people has become very special in our lives.  We even enjoy the times we are just by ourselves sharing life.  Imagine that!!  To quote Howard from a post he made a few days ago, "Open hearts and minds lead to untold experiences and unexpected relationships that enrich our lives".


  1. I really love the quote from Howard! What a great outlook on Life! "Keep your minds and hearts open" and continue to enjoy your experiences!

    Speaking of hearts, Happy Valentines Day!

    Peace and Love,


  2. So glad you started a blog! You will definitely enjoy H&L's rally. Will be following along.

  3. See if I can get this right this time. Love your blog--conversational topic at Curves. Love your descriptions and pictures but still can't find the bike helmet -- looked again. Keep enjoying.
    Bonnie and Polly