Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Day in Pine Island!

We got up around 7:15 and took a walk around the CG.  Again, it was 67 degrees.  Loving it!  We talked to the bike shop and told them we are ready to purchase new bikes.  We had ridden some they had in the shop yesterday and told him to please get them ready for us to pick up later today.  So, we decided to head to Fort Myers Beach to spend the day soaking up the sun since it is near the bike shop.  What a gorgeous day to be on the beach.  It was in the low 80's with no breeze and total sun.  We spent 3 hours walking along the beach and then reading.  At 4:00 we picked up our new bikes - Jamus brand.  It is exciting, but sad to see the old ones go.  They were a gift from our girls about 7 years ago for a combined birthday and Christmas gift.  They were afraid we would buy cheap bikes so they got us a gift certificate to a local bike shop.  How nice!  So they were abit sentimental.  
How deep is the snow?  Is it this deep???

Spent time talking to our neighbors and then made dinner.  Spent most of the evening posting on this blog.  I am learning as I go!

Tomorrow looks like another great day in "Paradise".  So sorry we are missing all the snow and ice in PA - NOT!!!!!

Find the painted telephone poles so unique and such a bonus when driving on the island.  Each design was submitted by a local artist and then approved to be painted on the pole!

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