Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Day in Venice!

Ken and I started the morning with a walk around our campground.  It really is a very nice place!  After a great cooked breakfast we got on our bikes and rode to the Legacy Trail, about 1 mile from Willie!  We rode north towards Sarasota reaching the end of the trail after going 9 miles. On the way back we met up with a gopher turtle.  Has a pretty shell and long claws.  Back to the campground by 1:00, just in time for lunch after going 18 miles.  The trail is a rails to trail and such a great place to ride.  All the resting areas along the way are replicas of what it would look like when sitting on the platform waiting for a train.  So well done!

After lunch we headed to Nokomis Beach to enjoy walking along the surf looking for shells and sharks teeth.  It was a gorgeous day with full sun and around 80 degrees.  It was another wonderful day in Venice!  You can't help but love this area with all the great beaches and fantastic biking trails.

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