Monday, February 7, 2011

More time in Pine Island!

Ken made a wonderful breakfast this morning to get me prepared for a tennis match with Ed, a fellow camper that we met here last year.  He and his wife, Pat, are phenomenal dancers.  Ed will be 80 this year and is in such good health.  He and Pat exercise everyday including bike riding and Ed with his tennis.  I really enjoyed playing singles with Ed.  I hate to admit it, but I lost both sets to him.  The second one went to a tiebreaker, but he won!  We played for 1 1/2 hours and I was probably more winded than Ed.  Ken had walked to see the bald eagles nest while we played.  After lunch Ken and I took a bike ride to St. James City.  The wind was strong on the way there which made pedaling very difficult.  We enjoyed riding through a nice trailer park in town and each trailer site was on a canal with a boat dock.  After the bike ride we actually took time to relax and read sitting outside.  Deb and Barry, fellow campers from Canada stopped by to visit.  We chatted for over an hour.  Started to cool off, so Ken and I changed clothes and went for a walk around the campground.  Stopped by Deb and Barry's Air Stream trailer to take a tour.  They really are unique and so well constructed.  We grilled and then spent time reading and working on our computer.  It was very windy today but still in the upper 70's.  Such great weather compared to last year.

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