Thursday, February 10, 2011

Overcast Day in Pine Island!

Ken and I ate breakfast, packed our lunches, loaded our bikes and headed to Sanibel Island.  It was a mild morning, but very overcast.  We stopped at the Bike Shop on our way to Sanibel to get our new bikes tuned up.  My brakes were rubbing.  Then on to Sanibel.  We rode about 6 miles and then it began to shower.  Back to the truck just when it started to rain harder.  Got back just in time.  Then on to one of my favorite stops - Pinochio's Ice Cream Shop for a special treat. 

Photos leaving Sanibel - 

Another stop at the Bike Shop - brakes still rubbing.  Then on to Total Wine and more and Costco.  We were reminded as we headed toward Route 41 how much traffic there is in southwest Florida and why Pine Island has so much appeal.  It is quiet with very little traffic.  Route 41 is a zoo!!!!!  Bumper to bumper traffic everywhere.  Glad to get back to the CG.

Today was the 1st time we had rain since arriving in Florida.  We had a more steady rain this evening.  The weather has really been incredible.

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