Friday, February 25, 2011

Enjoying our Time in Florida!

All of these are from pieces of shells
I collected on the beaches of Florida
Today was a rather uneventful day, but still lots of fun.  Ken washed our very dirty truck and we took a walk around the park.  I took a jewelry wire class in a neighboring community from a lady who goes to craft shows with her unique designs.  She made it look so easy, but it was abit challenging.  I used pieces of shells I had picked up on the beach and was happy with the creations she helped me do.  I think it would be a fun craft to continue doing, but time will tell. 

After the class we headed to Nokomis Beach to read and soak up the sun.  It was another very warm and sunny day - near 80.  While we were there, there was a wedding on the beach.  What a great place to get married.

Truck goes back to the garage to get the part installed that was ordered the end of last week, just in time for towing Willie to the Bradenton area.  We will hope it solves all of our truck problems.   We can only hope!!!!