Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Beautiful Day In Florida!

Let's begin by saying we are not going to talk about our truck problems anymore.  Hopefully we are on the right track to have it repaired by the middle of next week!

The Pool at Our Campground

We left the CG at 12:30 day on our bikes and took a ride on the Legacy Trail, which was within a mile of our CG.  We looked like "old folks" as we installed a basket on the front of Ken's bike to carry our lunch and beach gear!  The trail is wide, flat, and crosses 2 bays and then a major highway heading into Venice.  In Venice we stopped at the Chamber of Commerce which we have done the last 3 years.  They are so friendly and accomadative.  We got so much information on events and things to see in the area.  From there we got back on our bikes and got on the Venetian Waterway Trail that follows along the Intercoastal Waterway to Caspersen Beach.  We got off the trail there and spent about 2 hours on the beach and found about a dozen sharks teeth.  We will get serious later and take Ken's Florida snow shovel there to do some intense shark tooth hunting.  Back on the bike trail and we returned to the CG around 4:30.  We probably rode about 18 miles, but it was a gorgeous sunny day around 75 degrees.  No bad!!!

On the way back we saw the 2 bald eagles in the tree. 

On the Legacy Trail
Venitian Waterway Trail
Spotted the Bald Eagles Along the Venetian Waterway Trail

Caspersen Beach

Shark Tooth Hunting at Caspersen Beach

Our Treasures from Caspersen Beach

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