Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Day at Pine Island

Our drive from Holiday Travel Resort to Pine Island was uneventful, fortunately.  We had left around 10:15 AM and got to Pine Island CG (Encore Park) around 3:30.  Friendly folks on either side of us.  Ken, an employee of the park did a great job of escorting us to our site and directing Ken and "Willie" into our site.  (Ken told them as soon as we checked in that this was his 1st time backing "Willie" into a site and they went out of their way to make it easy for us.)  The other Ken has a 5th wheel too so he was pro in the "help" department.

We took a walk around the park and we chatted with 2 parties we had met her last year - Paul and Deb Keller from Stevens and Barry and Deb from Canada.  Then we realized the people across from us were here last year too - Ed and Sandy.  So we feel right at home. 

Had a later dinner and then went to bed rather early.  Our 6 week stay in Florida officially begins!

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