Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Day-New Place

We left Pine Island at 11 am this morning.  Walked around the campground to say goodbye to friends we made, packed up, and shared the last 30 minutes with Barry and Debbie and we hitched up and left.  No problem getting to the Venice area, only around 1 1/2 hours.  Stopped by the Ford Dealer( I made an appointment for Diesel), and after they checked some computer codes, we are dropping her off tomorrow at 9am.  Then the fun began.  We arrived at Royal Coachman around 1:45.  They had a site reserved for us, looking for a 29 foot motorhome.  We had given  a change to our reservation specialist, but it was not passed on to the campground.  Let's just say it took me 1 1/4 hours, 5 people assisting, and several spectators to get into our spot.  It was not fun.  We are in, set up and relaxing hoping for reasonable news when we drop off Diesel tomorrow.  I MISS PINE ISLAND.  It was around 70 today with a warming and sunny forecast for the next week.  We plan on taking our bikes along when we drop off Diesel, and we will be off on an other adventure.  Thanks to all the wonderful people at Pine Island -  Sandy, Ed, Linda, Bill, Carol, Fred, Deb, Paul, Deb and Barry.  We will be back next year for a longer time.  Stay tuned for adventures yet to continue.  (We had a delicious supper of leftover lasagna from our fabulous dinner at Sandy and Ed's on Sunday night!  What a great cook!)

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