Saturday, February 26, 2011

Unbelievable Weather Today!

This was our warmest and most sunny day since arriving in Florida - in the 80's.  After breakfast, we headed to Sarasota to the truck garage to have the new part put on our truck.  Only took about an hour, we only hope it corrects the problem.  We are not "truck savoy", so we have to depend on their knowledge and honesty.  No more "wrenches" on our dashboard, we hope!!!!

Not sure what this is all about!!
We packed our lunch, loaded our bikes and headed to Caspersen Beach.  First we rode bikes on the Venetian Waterway Trail and stopped at the airport where the Italian Feast was going on.  Lots of food, rides and some entertainment.  Only there about 30 minutes.  Then we continued on our bike ride.

Back to Caspersen Beach to eat our lunch watching the surf.  Then we spent about 1 1/2 hours walking the beach looking for sharks teeth.  Only found small ones and pieces, but loved being on the beach. 
Looks like our own private beach.  What a backdrop!

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  1. We will try this again...see if my comment goes through! I forgot to mention to you earlier, Bonnie, that you will have to update your picture at the beginning of your blog. Doesn't look like you are with the same man!!


    PS- Love you private beach. You must have had to tell quite a line to get that!