Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun Day with Great Friends!

Yesterday was just a relaxing day at the Campground for Ken and I.  We actually worked - did laundry, and then I shopped alittle at the Bealls Outlet and we spent time at the campground pool.  Spent the evening in Willie. Talked to our friends at home - Fred and Doloris, Sam and Kathy, and Gary and Marcia.  So special to talk to them.  Other than that, it was a rather uneventful day!

But what a day we had today!!!  Ken and I headed to the grocery store early to buy some special snacks and to get some spumanti and orange juice to make mimosas when Dave and Sharon arrived to visit us for the day.  We also went to downtown Venice to a bakery to get some fresh blueberry scones.  Sharon said they had never had any.  They wanted to see Willie, for they had a 5th wheel at one time and several motorhomes when they were doing more traveling.  Then we headed to Caspersen Beach and walked out to the Venetian Waterway Trail.  On our way back to the beach a bobcat crossed the bridge in front of us and ran into the marshland.  Wow, couldn't believe we actually saw a bobcat.  We all thought it was a dog when we first saw it.  Then we headed to the beach to look for sharks teeth.  It was a rather foggy day with only alittle sun, but warm.  The water was rather choppy and we found very few sharks teeth. 

We sat outside on the deck to enjoy the delicious food.  They all had grouper fish sandwich baskets.  Not being a fish eater I had the hamburger basket.  Great setting right on the water.

This bird watched us eat!

Left beach by 3, went back to Willie to change clothes and then headed to Casey Key Fishhouse for dinner. 

From there we headed to the jetty at Nokomis Beach to view the sunset.  Amazing how many people go there each evening at this time.  It was a beautiful sunset with dolphins surfacing right in front of the sun.  Sharon and Dave left our campground at 7:30 to pick up some friends just east of Sarasota who will be staying with them till the weekend.  We were so happy they came to spend the day with us.  It was a blast!!!

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  1. To think you thought of getting a picture............I carry my camera with me everywhere I go but I forget to use it in some of the inprompto times........Great Job!