Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday in Florida!

Colorful Shoppes of Matlacha!
Roseate Spoonbill can almost
 look like a flamingo but flat bill!

Today was an overcast day in Pine Island, but it was still in the 70's.  Ken and I left at 9:45 and drove to Matlacha.  Ken had seen some roseate spoonbills in the bay area on Friday and hoped he could see them again today.  There are so few in the area but they are so unique and beautiful.  We were on a mission!  We walked along the main street of Matlacha, talked with Leona at The Lovegrove Gallery (where we renewed our wedding vows on Valentine's Day last year), and then walked a community in town that is bordered by the bay.  Bingo!!!    Ken could see several roseate spoonbills in the distance!  Made his day.  Went through many of the shoppes in Matlacha and headed back to Willie around 2.  It had gotten sunny outside, so Ken took the flatscreen TV from the bedroom outside and we watched the Super Bowl Pregame show outside while playing 2 handed pinochle (which I won by 2 Points).  It's a tough life, but someone has to do it!  At 5:15 we headed to the clubhouse to watch the 1st half of the Super Bowl with fellow campers.  A fun time.  We sat with Deb and Paul, the folks from Denver PA, only 5 miles from our home.  Watched the 2nd half back in the RV.  Enjoyed talking with our girls and granddaughters today!

Large Crowd at Super Bowl
Clubhouse Party.  Lots of Food!

Outdoor TV Watching!
What a Life!

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