Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Craft Show Day!

Ken and I were up to the 6 AM alarm to get ready to go to the craft show at the Lutheran Church here on Pine Island!  We had done all the loading last evening!

We were at the church by 7:15 and started setting up.  It was 70 degrees, sunny and a bit breezy.  We were outside, but in a protected area - didn't need to set-up our canopy.  Makes set-up much easier and quicker!  There were about 40 crafters and probably 25 were jewelry.  Not what we wanted to see!  Fortunately, mine was a bit different than the rest.  Nobody was wire wrapping pieces of shells!  Ken and I were pleased with the sales at the end of the show, which was only from 9 to 1 - a nice short day!  We will be doing a show here again in Feb. when we return to Pine Island.

On our way back to the CG, we drove into the development neighboring the CG where eagles nest every year.  Ken was so excited to get a picture of an eagle in the tree!  Passed a lady from North Dakota that is here at the CG every year and had a great time talking with her for about a 1/2 hour.  She is a minister who delivers the sermon in the Church service here at the CG each Sunday. 

What amazing birds!

When we got back to Willie we re-organized the "stuff" in Diesel and in his toolbox.  Ed wanted to surprise us and remove our spare tire and put the repaired tire back on Willie while we were gone, but he was unable to find the tool needed to remove the repaired tire from underneath. He came over soon after we got back.  Ken and Ed switched the tires and now Willie has matching wheels again!  So nice of Ed to bring his jack and tools to do the job!

To relax, Ken and I played another game of Upwords and I finally won!  Then we walked over to chat with our new Canadian friends, Ernie and his wife that came here from Topsail.  We both shared our camping adventures and laughed a lot when we talked about our "challenges" and misfortunes with our 5th wheels and trucks.  What crazy stories!  We spent about 2 hours chatting and having a great time drinking wine and sharing!  What wonderful folks!

Then it was time to make a few phone calls, check our e-mails, post on the blog, etc.

Hard to imagine we will be leaving Pine Island on Monday.  We always meet the greatest folks while we are here and reconnect with others.  Must be what keeps us coming back here year after year!!!

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