Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Busy 1st Day at Venice!

After eating breakfast outside, we decided it was time to take a bike ride on the Legacy Trail to downtown Venice.  We needed one of those delicious blueberry scones from the Upper Crust!  So, we hopped on our bikes and rode them 1 mile from the CG to get on the amazing bike trail.  Several years ago they built a bridge over Route 41, a very busy road in Florida, that is just for bikes and walkers.  It takes you into downtown Venice. 

Great morning for riding the Legacy Trail!

1 of 3 bridges on the trail into Venice!


We enjoyed walking around the town, eating our scone, and checking out the painted dolphins and turtles.  Don't know who paints them, but they are certainly well done! 

This was my favorite painted turtle!
His Back!

His Front!

Quite a scene on the back
of this dolphin!

We rode from downtown Venice Island out to the South Pier, a very nice ride, and then stopped at Venice Beach.  Left and rode to the Visitors Center to get more information on the happenings in the area.  Back to Willie by 12:30 after riding about 12 miles!  Ate lunch and then drove to Nokomis Beach.  Time for me to "go to work" and start collecting shells.  Ken also wanted to find more sharks teeth.  Both of us were successful!  We did a lot of walking on the beach and got back to Willie around 5:30. 

Entering downtown Venice Island!

Sitting along the South Pier!

Nokomis Beach!

Today the morning was very sunny and warm (84), but it really got cloudy this afternoon.  Still warm and great to be on the beach.

Looking forward to making jewelry tonight and watching who is left go on The Voice.  There are many talented singers on that show!

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