Sunday, November 24, 2013

On Our Way Back Home!

Like I said, we left Lazydays around 10 this morning, Sunday, to begin our journey back to PA.  Very excited to spend time with our family and friends, but dreading the cold weather.  Our bodies have gotten used to and enjoy the warmer temperatures.  After all, it was 84 degrees when we were transferring things from Willie to Waldo yesterday!

The drive went well in our Ford Fusion, but it is so full we couldn't have taken home even a small bag of oranges - there is no room!!!!  It is packed full!!!!!  We had a treat for lunch - we stopped at a Sonny's just after getting into Georgia!  I was excited.  Not many stops, but there was a major accident on I95 where we only traveled about 5 miles in an hour.  Not good when you are trying to cover a lot of miles.  But, we did stop at a motel in Manning, SC, about 119 miles into that state, by 7:45.  So, we will have a lot of miles to travel if we hope to be in Akron to sleep tomorrow night!  We shall see!  I have a feeling we will have a short night, since Ken tends to wake up early in the morning and will be ready to go!!!!

It is only 36 degrees here in SC - what is wrong with that picture!  We were freezing!!!  I much prefer going out the door in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and feeling warm!  Florida, we shall return soon!!!

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