Monday, November 18, 2013

A Day at the Campground!

Today was a day to make phone calls and do business things.  Ken spent most of the morning talking with our saleperson, Phil at Lazydays, and the gentleman in charge of the financial part of the transaction.  He had many things to discuss with both to get a better understanding of everything that will be happening on Saturday and Sunday before we head back to PA.  We keep thinking of small details that need to be met before we leave FL.  Things seem to be working out well!

We also got numerous phone calls from friends back home who wanted to hear more about our purchase.  So nice to have people who have such an interest in what you are doing and are encouraging and excited for us.

It was a gorgeous, warm and sunny day here (84 degrees), but we chose not to go to the beach today.  Too much needed to be done!  But at 3 we headed to the grocery store (hopefully our last trip there before heading home), as we do not want "leftovers".  Then we played 18 holes of miniature golf here at the CG and a game of shuffleboard.  Ken won both AGAIN!

Back to Willie where we played a game of Upwards outside and I finally won!  Yeah!  We are spending the evening watching TV, checking our computers, and then I will make jewelry!  I am hoping to take another jewelry making class on Wed.

Looking forward to a fun week! 

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