Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Whole Day Spent at Lazydays!

Yesterday, Saturday, was a crazy, but exciting day.  We were up at 6:30, rather tired from our late Friday night, and were on our way to Lazydays by 8.  We took a photo when we were hooked up and ready to leave.  This would be our last journey of towing Diesel and Willie.  Both of us felt abit sad, but excited for our next adventure.

Actually, this photo was taken at Lazydays.  Waldo
is behind Diesel!

I can't begin to express how efficient, friendly, and capable all the folks were that we dealt with throughout our day at Lazydays.  They have all of their procedures down to a science.  We learned that they have 150 salespersons, plus lots of financial folks, insurance agents, customer service people, etc.  It is so easy to get lost walking around their grounds. 

Upon arrival at their "transfer" area, we followed a golf cart to an area where about 40 spaces are reserved for people transferring things from their old rig to their new one.  You have a space with both rigs hooked to electric and their doors face each other so it is easy to move all of your "stuff".  1st we had a 2 hour orientation both inside and outside of Waldo with a thorough explanation of all systems.  Then he drove us to the main office to meet with a gentleman to sign all the paperwork, then on to the insurance department, and lastly to the gal who explained all the "perks" we would receive from Lazydays.  By then a taxi was there to take us to the Tampa Airport to get a rental car.  Can you believe it was our 1st cab ride and our 1st car rental????  We only got back to Waldo at 3:45 and then the work of transferring began.  Ken did the basement of both and also moving things from Diesel to the rental car.  I did most of the inside "stuff".  It is hard to imagine how many things were in Willie!!!!  We stopped at 7 to get something to eat at Exit 10, the cute RV Cafe at Lazydays.  Back to Waldo and Willie to complete the job, and believe me it was a job!  We decided to call it quits at 11 and we fell into bed, exhausted!

They have this transfer area and it is incomprehensible
how many people are there at the same time!

This is Waldo!

Back up by 6:30 to complete the task.  Not much left to do, but just like when you move to a new home, there are so many little things to gather together at the end.  We did take time to enjoy our first meal in Waldo - cereal and fresh fruit, but it will be memorable!  On our way to PA by 10 AM.  Took our last look at Willie and Diesel and it was hard to leave Waldo.  We are so anxious for our 1st adventure in our new rig!  We feel very good about our purchase.  It should provide us with many years of great adventures!

Felt right to be eating in Waldo!

Ready to "take off", but we will just have to wait!
Hard to leave Waldo in FL!

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  1. Looking very happy. By now you are waking up to the cold in PA. Bundle up my friends!