Friday, November 8, 2013

An Interesting Day on Pine Island!

After we got up, I noticed there were 2 small puddles on our kitchen floor.  Where did they come from???  So, Ken went outside to check if he could see any problems under Willie.  Nothing.  Then we remembered that he had spilled some ice cubes late last night.  Apparently, he missed picking up a few of them!  But, he did discover a different problem - Willie had a flat tire.  There was a screw in the tire!

After a fun time of skyping with Lanie, Sam and Katelyn, Ken made a call to Good Sam's.  What a great organization - we have our emergency road service with them.  They sent a tire guy from Cape Coral to put on our spare tire and from the time we called until he left with the spare in place it only took about 1 1/2 hours.  He even had a good 25 minute drive to get to the CG.  The spare does not have the same look as the other tires and Ken wanted to get the regular tire repaired.  Unfortunately, there was no place on Pine Island that could repair the tire.  So, Ken had to drive to Cape Coral.  I decided it was a good time for me to do the wash.  I was finished with the wash, ate lunch, and did some clean-up in Willie when Ken returned with the tire fixed and groceries bought.  By then it was 1:45.    This day was quickly "evaporating".

We had to clean-up outside since Ken had to do some "digging" to get to the jack, etc.  Also loaded Diesel in preparation for tomorrow's craft show.  We had invited Sandy and Ed to come over for drinks and munchies around 4:30 so I vacuumed and got the snacks ready.  Ken was looking forward to grilling the shrimp he had "netted" with Duane in Jekyll Island.

We had such a good time with Sandy and Ed just chatting and munching.  Ken made the shrimp on the grill and they were delicious.  I ate at least a dozen (they were small and so tender and good!)which is good considering I normally do not eat any seafood.  They left around 6:30 and we spent the evening on our computers - e-mails, blog, etc.

All ready for the grill!

Looking forward to our craft show at the Lutheran Church tomorrow from 9 to 1.  Today was another hot, mostly sunny day.  We are hoping to do some fun things on Sunday, our last day on Pine Island.  This week has flown by!


  1. Looks like the shrimp turned out pretty good.
    Hope you do good at the craft sale.

  2. Ken's shrimp on the grill sounds good! We are staying an extra day in Winchester. Olde Mill Stream didn't have any sites large enough for us - full due to Veteran's Day (never thought of that). Anyway, glad we called first. Will be pulling into Pinch Pond on Sunday.